Mike McCarthy Speaks about Favre, your move Ted.

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The divorce was messy, the aftermath was even uglier, and now moving on from it all is going at a snail’s pace. Slowly but surely however, the Packers and Brett Favre are getting closer to burying the hatchet and retiring the legendary quarterback’s jersey.

It all began Super Bowl weekend when Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre sent shockwaves through sports media outlets when they shared the stage together to present an award. It had long been perceived that there was bad blood between the two players as Favre saw Rodgers as the young gun who forced him out. It was revealed after the handshake heard around the sports world that Rodgers and Favre had talked on the phone for an extended period of time, and even discussed Favre’s return to the franchise. All of this being spearheaded by the man who replaced him, Aaron Rodgers.

This was not the most recent incident involving Favre. Last week Favre had a radio interview stating that both sides had a hand in the messy divorce that separated the legend from the franchise. The comments were an encouraging sign as to date Favre had not acknowledged any wrongdoing from the events in 2008.

After Favre’s comments to a Buffalo radio station Head Coach Mike McCarthy sent out another positive sign following the Packers Organized Team Activities Tuesday afternoon. McCarthy said, “I don’t know exactly all that Brett Said, I know he said that he wants to reconcile.” He continued, “… I think it’s great, that’s what everybody wants, I’ve always enjoyed my time with Brett and the relationship part of it, and I don’t like the way it is right now.”

McCarthy’s last comment spoke volumes. He does not like the way the relationship is between Favre and the organization. Now, after the two leaders on the field have made their move to bringing Favre back, it is time for the leader off the field to do the same.

The time between OTA’s and Training Camp is often referred to as the dead period for football season. There is little activity and little to talk about. The timing now would be perfect for Thompson and Favre to reconcile. Of all the people in the organization it is reasonable to believe that Favre has the most bad blood with. Thompson of course is the man who had the guts or audacity depending on perspective to trade Brett Favre. During the summer of 2008 Thompson along with McCarthy grew weary of waiting for Favre to decide whether or not he was going to play for the Packers that fall. The timing of the move seemed odd as well.

Favre of course had led the Packers on a magical ride to a  surprising 13-3 season, and overtime of an NFC Championship game at Lambeau Field. The result was not positive as Favre threw a late interception to end the season, but certainly conventional wisdom said the Packers would not hand the keys over to an unproven player in Aaron Rodgers. Conventional wisdom, however was wrong. The Packers sent Favre to the New York Jets, and the legend finished his career with a team he never should have, the Minnesota Vikings.

Favre’s signing with the Vikings did not come without a message. Favre’s motive was clear by his own words he wanted to “stick it to Ted” and prove he could still play. The story since then has been drawn out over and over again.Ultimately it must begin with Ted Thompson and Favre working their issues out. The debate has ensued on several shows asking if the Packers made a decision to let Favre walk, but as I said two weeks ago it is time to bring Favre back. It is time to make things right, and have his number hanging up with other legends like Bart Starr and Reggie White.

Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers have both made their move to bring the legend back, and make things right again.

Now, it’s your move Mr. Thompson.


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