Jacob Westendorf (@jacobwestendorf)

The Packers come into this game desperate for a win against a team that has not played well this season. The Vikings have sent the message all week that they think they can beat the Packers. This is their Super Bowl, and they will come out with their best punch. I think Scott Tolzien will be able to make some big plays against the porous Vikings defense, and the defense will do just enough to allow the packers to sneak out a win at home.

Packers 20 Vikings 14


John Rehor (@jrehor)

The Packers need to figure out a way to win this game. They have to. For their season’s sake, another loss will begin to nail the coffin shut on any playoff hopes they still have. A third consecutive loss at home will have the fans in an uproar like never before. Scott Tolzien needs to play smart, control the ball (no interceptions) and control the clock. The offensive line has to open up running lanes for Eddie Lacy. If either of these do not take place, it could be a long day on offense. On defense, the game plan is simple: stop Adrian Peterson. Do this, and it makes the chances to win improve dramatically. Failure to do this, and the Vikings stand a chance at heading home winners. It will be close. It will also be ugly. Somehow, the Packers will come up with a way to win without Aaron Rodgers today.

Packers 23 Vikings 21


Ross Uglem (@rossuglem)

Here’s the bottom line deal for me.  The Minnesota Vikings are the worst team in the NFC.  They are.  They’re not as good as Tampa. They can’t hang with New Orleans like Atlanta just did.  If the Packers these Packers can’t get passed these Vikings, they aren’t going to win the Super Bowl when Rodgers comes back.  Like it or not, that’s how success is defined when you have the best QB in football.  The question isn’t about are you making the playoffs? It’s about are you winning titles.  I have to believe that the Vikings have quit on this season and the Packers haven’t.  Talent alone paces Green Bay ahead of Minnesota, but I’m hoping that effort does to.

Packers 24 Vikings 17


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