Game Predictions: Packers at Cowboys

Cory Jennerjohn (@coryjennerjohn)

The Packers defense has been an eyesore this season but the Cowboys D might actually trump them in ugliness. Many are scared with Matt Flynn starting again, but as long as the Packers own the time of possession and don’t allow Dez Bryant to have an All-Galaxy performance, Green Bay should win.

Packers 24 Cowboys 20


Jacob Westendorf (@jacobwestendorf)

The Packers return to AT&T Stadium for the first time since their Super Bowl victory in 2010-11. This game does not carry the same weight, but they do need a win almost as badly as they did back then. The Packers now sit a half game behind the Bears and Lions for the division lead in the NFC North. They face a Dallas team that is coming off an embarrassing rout at the hands of the Chicago Bears. There was some hope that Aaron Rodgers could return this week. He was not cleared, though so it will be Matt Flynn again. Flynn will be able to put up points behind a strong running game, and talented receivers against a putrid Dallas defense. Unfortunately the Cowboys are at home, and have a great offense of their own that will be able to put up more points, and the Packers will take a devastating blow to their playoff hopes.

Cowboys 31 Packers 27


John Rehor (@jrehor)

It is true the Packers won last week, but it was far from an impressive victory. A one point victory against one of the worst teams in the league at home in favorable weather conditions should not cause anyone to run out and start buying playoff tickets-yet. Matt Flynn did have a good game last week, and the pitiful Dallas defense should allow for plenty of opportunities this week as well. That is not what should scare anyone. The scary thought is the Cowboys’ offense going up against the much maligned Packers defense. Dallas can score and will score points today. The questions are how much and will the Packers offense be able to keep up. If ever the Packers defense needed to step up and save the Packers’ season, today is the day. Let’s go with that hope.

Packers 33 Cowboys 27



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