ESPN’s Adam Schefter created buzz on the Packers Twittersphere yesterday when he tweeted that Green Bay and Seattle should give up two first round picks to acquire New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham.

I am stunned that I am even writing about this, but apparently a lot of people agree with Schefter. Most of the callers yesterday on Green and Gold Today on 540 ESPN Milwaukee agreed with host Alex Petakas that it would be a good idea.

I am shocked that so many people feel that way because I would never consider making that move. Tight end is a huge need for the Packers right now, but giving up two first round picks would be far too steep of a price.

A team spending two first round picks on a tight end when they need to completely rebuild their defense would not be smart allocation of its assets.

Graham is the second best tight end behind a healthy Rob Gronkowski, although he is not a complete tight end because his blocking is nonexistent. He is a beast as a receiver receiver, as he has averaged 1,169 yards and 12 touchdowns over the last three seasons. Imagining Graham catching passes from Aaron Rodgers is fun, but it is just a fantasy for a reason.

Not only would the Packers have to give up two first round picks for Graham, but they would have to pay him huge money. They would not be able to afford Graham, Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb, so they would essentially be giving up two first round picks and Nelson or Cobb for Graham. How does that make any sense?

The Packers passing offense should be dynamic no matter who is catching passes from Rodgers. Just go back and look at what they did when Nelson, Jarrett Boykin and Myles White were catching passes from him.

Graham should almost guarantee a championship if you’re giving up that much. Graham has not won a championship with New Orleans and quarterback Drew Brees because they have not had a good enough defense. The Packers would fall under that same category.

It still takes a complete team to win a Super Bowl even though the NFL game favors the passing game . The 2007 Patriots, 2011 Packers and 2013 Broncos were three of the greatest regular season offense of all time and none of them went on to win the Super Bowl. It still takes more than a great passing game.

It’s funny that these kind of moves still get talked about when Ted Thompson has never shown any inclination to do anything like this. He is not going to give up first round picks for Graham and he is not going to sign Jarius Byrd. A lot of people can really save themselves the disappoint if they realize it.

If Sam Shields leaves Green Bay the Packers will have a need on every single position of their defense. Spending two first round picks to upgrade a strength just doesn’t seem logical. Of course the offseason is just beginning, so this will not be the first crazy speculative idea that becomes a story.


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