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This week at Packers Talk Radio Network:

The free agent acquisition of Julius Peppers sent shockwaves throughout the NFL on Saturday, and Matt wonders if his addition was the missing piece the Packers needed to add.

While Jacob wonders if the signing of Peppers is good or bad in his analysis…

John thinks his addition is the best off season move Ted Thompson has made since…you’ll have to read the article to find out.

From the Benches did an entire show dedicated to the Peppers signing.

The signing of Peppers came a day after the Packers re-signed BJ Raji to a one year contract….

Which hopefully motivates Raji, who should be kicking himself for not signing the contract which the Packers offered him during the season.

The irony of the Peppers signing is it went completely against the supposed philosophy of Ted Thompson, which Ian addressed in this article.

Ross tells us that the Sam Shields contract is a good signing for the Packers.

Perhaps the signing of Peppers will prove that Ted Thompson is not cheap.

I think this is impossible, but it’s a nice idea: Green Bay Packer Fans Should Exercise Calm & Patience During this Offseason

Ross continued his position by position analysis with the one that needs desperate attention: Safety.

From the Benches also did their weekly show, with Cheesehead Radio’s C.D. Angeli filling in as guest host.

Out of the Pocket was also back this week with their off the cuff approach to the world of the Packers.

Be sure to visit for this week’s edition of Surviving Sunday: Packers News, Notes and Links for the Football Deprived. It is a must read every Sunday during the far too long off season.

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Packers Talk Radio Network
Packers Talk Radio Network


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