From The Benches: Courting Colt

From the Benches Packers Podcast

The boys are back after a one week hiatus with plenty of new Packers news to discuss. They spend the first part of their show discussing the Packers UDFA signings including the most interesting of all the tryout players, Colt Lyerla. They go into how the tryout turned into a chance to compete at training camp, and how that could affect the 53-man roster after August’s camp concludes. Then Ross gives a sales pitch to Ted Thompson to be Lyerla’s escort throughout Green Bay before they discuss Adrian Hubbard and Ross’ personal favorite Jake Doughty. Following that discussion the boys go Behind the Bench discussing what new scheme/personnel package they are most excited for going into 2014 and the player that they believe presents the most value of all players they’ve acquired. All of this before Ross gives a stern lecture to naysayers of the inside linebacker position in the show’s signature segment of “You’re Gonna Want To Cut That”.

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