The show is back and better than ever after the Packers suffer a bad loss before their bye week. Jacob remains the host of the show, but has some subs for his usual co-hosts. Jason Perone of joins the show in addition to Jacob’s brother Adam.

The show begins with a discussion of the Aaron Rodgers injury that came as an even bigger downside to an abysmal night on the defensive side of the ball. There is also a discussion about the defense’s complete collapse in New Orleans, before going into the bye.

Then the guys go behind the bench and discuss how they assess the Packers at this point in the season, and if that has changed since the beginning of the year with their expectations.

Following that a discussion breaks out about what was encouraging, and discouraging throughout the game, before a preview of the Packers November opponents, and a prediction of what their record will be in those four games.

An unfortunate discussion emerges just before the end of the show when the guys pick the worst Packers showing in the Mike McCarthy/Ted Thompson era, with a few surprises along the way before Jacob has some words for Coach McCarthy’s management of the game in New Orleans in the show’s signature segment You’re gonna want to cut that.

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