Analysis (Taylor O’Neill): The Packers grab another PAC-12 player. Murphy was first-team all conference during his senior year, having moved over from playing right tackle his junior year, where he was second-team all conference. At 6’6″ and 305 lbs he definitely has the size to play tackle in the NFL. He also has good arm length at 33.5″.

Murphy has good lateral movement and consistently picks up blitzes. He’s a reliable player that looks relatively polished at the tackle position, especially for a late-round pick. He does lack elite strength (he put up only 23 reps at the bench press) and can struggle with stronger, bull-rushing defensive linemen, however.
While Murphy’s better in pass protection than run-blocking, he can hold his own in the run game. While strength isn’t his strong suit, he gets low and drives his opponent back. He’s not extremely athletic but can be expected to make blocks at the second level on running plays.
Scouts have him playing everywhere in the NFL from left tackle, to right tackle, to guard. That being said, if he can bulk up and add some strength to his game, many see him as capable of being a potential starter someday at the professional level.

Team Fit (Ross Uglem): Most of who produced Packers draft content these past few months indicated the need for Green Bay to take two offensive linemen because of the contract situations of Sitton, Lang, Tretter and Bakhtiari.  Murphy is the second of those players.  Murphy, like Spriggs before him, is a college tackle that Thompson will have McCarthy and Campen move around the offensive line.

In my opinion, Murphy is better suited to play guard than Spriggs.  I think he will bring a level of versatility to the offensive line that it is currently lacking (outside of Tretter).  You have to think that the addition of Murphy spells doom for Don Barclay.

NFL Player Comp (Mike Wendlandt): Jeromy Clary. Both men are 6’6” and more known for their run blocking than their pass protection. Murphy comes in with good athleticism but without the knowledge how to best use it just yet. Clary as very similar out of Kansas State and turned into a dependable right tackle. Murphy can step in pretty quickly and be a benefit in the run game but will probably never be good enough in pass protection to move from the right side of the line.



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