Dave-Te’ Podcasts: Best Offensive Linemen for Draft Days One, Two and Three

The Te’ Time Podcast breaks down the offensive linemen and where they belong in this year’s draft. NFL Draft Report publisher Dave-Te’ Thomas chats with former CNN Sports Anchor and “Saints Tonight” TV Show Host Paul Crane in a series of quick-hitting podcasts on Dave’s favorite draft prospects.


Offensive Centers: This seems to be a very talented group, but the first three centers on the draft board all come with injury concerns. The top players are discussed in detail, along with Day Two and Day Three center projections, along with a few “plug in and play” types that offer value not only as centers, but at other positions along the offensive front wall.


podcast on draft eligible Centers from Paul Crane on Vimeo.


Offensive Tackles: A look at the top tackles eligible for the draft and how this year’s crop is less impressive than previous years. There could be as many as four guards selected before a tackle hears his name called on draft day (several teams are projecting Connor Williams more as a guard prospect). Also included are some Day Two and Day Three draft gems at this position, along with a few sleepers who could earn roster spots as camp free agents.

Dave-Te’ on top Tackles in draft from Paul Crane on Vimeo.


Offensive Guards: Led by The NFL Draft Report’s top prospect – Quenton Nelson –  the offensive guard class is certain to steal the limelight away from the offensive tackle crop. After Nelson, Will Hernandez is the next lineman expected to be drafted and two collegiate tackles – Isaiah Wynn and Connor Williams, could end up being selected as interior blockers rather than edge protectors. A little draft history is provided, along with in-depth scouting reports on those targeted for Day One and Day Two draft proceedings, followed by some of the sleepers that could be unearthed in the later rounds.

Dave-Te’ on top Guards in draft from Paul Crane on Vimeo.


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