Analysis (Taylor O’Neill):

Scott has a big leg. He can kick it far and he can kick it high. He averaged an impressive 4.55 sec. hang time and a 46.5 yard per punt career average. He can precision punt the ball inside the 20 yard line.

Team Fit (Ross Uglem):

He’ll punt.

NFL Player Comp (Mike Wendlandt) – Pat O’Donnell, Bears:

JK Scott is a big time punter who tested great athletically while also shining for four years in the SEC. With is athleticism and power, he compares favorably to the Bears’ Pat O’Donnell.

The three-time All-SEC performer was a secret weapon for Nick Saban’s squad, constantly flipping field position for their defense. He will come in and compete with Justin Vogel for the punter’s spot this year and hopefully solidify the punting position for years.

Packers Big Board Rank: NR

Cheesehead TV Draft Guide Positional Rank: 4




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