Why the NFL Stopped Perceiving Gambling as a Threat

Do you love sports betting? In fact, there are many who do, but for years, the sports betting world was in limbo as legal authorities remained undecided as to how they would go about things. The NFL, for one, was one such sport that didn’t know whether to allow sports gambling.

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NFL and the Idea of Gambling

The declining interest in NFL can get a boost as the management is eyeing sports gambling favorably. NFL has always been against the idea while others like NBA welcomed it. The stance of NFL on sport betting was made very clear when Commissioner Roger Goodell expressed that they are going to oppose legalized sports betting while approving the Raider’s transport to Las Vegas.

But things took an interesting turn when the owners had a meeting in March which changed their stance on sports betting. They considered a legalized future of sports betting which received support from the Supreme Court who lifted such bans from many parts of the country. The moment of legalized sports betting is a boon for NFL in which the American population is losing interest.

Compared to the previous year, the ratings were down for the 2017 second straight season. Many reasons comprised to make up the situation. Health and safety concerns have been raised over and again and affected all the aspects of the sports. On top of that there is the undercut of the tournament’s political appeal for the national anthem protests. A journal by Wall Street and a survey by NBC poll revealed a staggering drop of interest in the game among men of ages between 18 and 49 who kept a keen interest in the game.

The Push for Legalizing Sports Betting

The league officials highlighted in March that it is the NFL who is going to gain more than anyone if there is the push for legalized sports betting. They also presented a plan to tackle the gambling initiative they have long resisted. The move was passed and the league executives are now busy understanding the nuances of legal gambling in USA. They consulted with international sporting experts and professionals to form a better understanding of regulations, bookmaking and securing the integrity of the league.

The presentation held in March also presented two factors of growth which might enhance the popularity of the game. Foreign audiences and young fans would be the target sports gambling. Surveys have revealed that poll participants of current generation are more encouraged in sports betting than previous ones and forms potential demographics.  A poll conducted by the Seton Hall University in 2017 67% people between 18 to 29 years support legalized sports betting, while it is 30% for people 60 years and beyond.

Online gambling and sports betting is here to stay, and it does make your favorite sports so much more fun and exciting!