The Happiest of Birthdays to Our Green Bay Packers!

On August 11, 2018, our favorite franchise celebrated its 99th birthday. To be honest, I’d never read the History tab of or looked up the Green Bay Packers on Wikipedia. Feeling nostalgic before the preseason opener, I did both and would recommend.

To kick off their 100th season this past Thursday, our Packers hosted and defeated the Titans at Lambeau!!!

My husband and I arrived four hours before kickoff and were greeted by familiar faces, including Bob, who staffs our favorite parking lot. We noticed the parking cost had increased around us but our top choice was holding steady at $10.00 per space. “I don’t want to mess around making a change,” Bob said.

We are religious about allowing at least one hour to walk to the stadium and that night was no exception. On our walk, I welcomed every Titans fan and high fived all, like me, who wore Mike Daniels jerseys.

It was a beautiful night. The rain held off but the wave rolled in with three minutes left in the first half. It was a defensive series so I participated. Amidst the wave, I remembered I’d left my light up beach ball at home.  Well, that’s a bummer! On to Plan B, I’m saving it for MNF.

Halftime entertainment was Pop Warner football at each end zone. It was wonderful to see each player literally hoisted up into the stands by a coach for a Lambeau Leap following a score.

Multiple deep balls in the second half kept us out of our seats!! We homers were particularly paying attention to Jake Kumerow and were thrilled with how he showed up.

Cheers to 100 more years Green Bay! May the traditions continue but parking remain affordable!

Those traveling from Milwaukee as part of the Gold season ticket package will do it again this Thursday when Pittsburgh comes to town! On my couch for this one, I’ll be searching Pinterest during commercial breaks for tailgate recipes or gadgets.

This week I am most looking forward to the 2nd preseason game versus Pittsburgh on my big screen and the “Ladies Only” league fantasy football draft.

A 13x World Champion vibe always, I leave you with a quote from a handwritten sign in Section 110 at Lambeau this past Thursday. “Go Pack Go. Luv da game.”