This past Sunday would have been the perfect day to set up my Christmas tree before the game, but I didn’t do it.  Like the Green Bay Packers, I missed an opportunity to stay on pace this season.

Based on social media posts and stories everyone is ahead of me now.

Complete with a foam cheese star, my living room Christmas tree is 100% green and gold.

White lights, about 8 feet tall, reserved for Green Bay Packer related ornaments, my living room tree, once up, is taken down only after the Packer’s season ends.

I’m quite the Grinch this year so far.

Bah humbug.

When I couldn’t take a recent perfect picture of my living room Christmas tree, for both this blog and Instagram, I started looking through old Packer photos in search of one.

I didn’t find a photo of it but what I saw brought out the Cheermeister in me!

Since 2010 my husband and I have been tailgating before almost every Green Bay Packers home game, there it was, in photos from each of the past Decembers, the tailgate Christmas tree!

Multi-color lights, about six feet tall, the tailgate Christmas tree has helped us celebrate with friends in December before kickoff at Lambeau.

I can’t commit to putting my fancy living room Christmas tree up this weekend, but the foam cheese star and tailgate Christmas tree, complete with a generator to run the lights are both already in the garage ready to make the trip to Lambeau on Sunday.

We have a decent size group who’ll be bundled up and out early to tailgate before the Noon kickoff. Temperature says mid-twenties as the Packers battle the Cardinals, so I suppose I will need a shot of blackberry brandy or two…..or three depending on how the game goes.

A 13x World Champion vibe always, congrats to Davante Adams, who on Sunday, reached 1,000 receiving yards for the first time in his career. Did you know Davante’s born on date is Christmas Eve?

Congrats Davante and Happy Birthday month! Birthday month is a thing. #17 is the real deal.