Gameday Xs and Os are officially over but don’t miss the chance to share your love of the Green Bay Packers this Valentine’s Day.

I believe Valentine’s Day isn’t reserved solely for my husband. I enjoy sending cards to my nieces, parents, and co-workers; Green Bay Packers theme, a must.

This year I’m already planning, printing and shipping.

Buried under the Fan tab of I found Green Bay Packers valentines. They’re old because players no longer with the team are featured, but I like them, and even better they’re free!

Google Green Bay Packers valentines and it’s about the 4th result listed. These are the valentines I’m sending to my folks and a majority of co-workers.

I’m also setting a reminder to visit around the 14th for this year’s batch of NFL Valentine’s Day cards created by NFL Memes and recommend you do the same. I guarantee you’ll end up sending one to someone.

Historically the cards have been pretty clever; I am reusing this one originally from 2018’s list and giving it to one of my co-workers, a Lions fan. (a)

To: Charles IV.

From: Sarah.

In addition to Green Bay Packers stickers, Green Bay Packers-themed valentines are also available via instant download from many sellers on Etsy for a small fee.

Speaking of Etsy, the “I love you more than Green Bay loves football” card, a classic, is the card I purchased for my husband last year.

Instead of buying him an $89.00 gift box bundle from this year, I’m saving up; he’ll pick a new jersey at a later date.

I’ll bake him some lemon muffins on the 14th and have some Seroogy’s chocolates delivered to him at work as a surprise for him to share.

Visit to order milk chocolate helmets or footballs or even a ‘cheesehead basket’ which is a legit adult sized cheesehead filled with assorted chocolates.

If I had children, I’d make them a Green Bay Packers card box for school. I’m assuming card boxes are still a thing and have included a photo for, if anything, a flashback to your childhood.

I wish my card box was this cool back then.

Valentine’s Day may be complete without a card box now that we’re adults but wouldn’t be complete in my mind without flowers or wine.

I found a couple of flower shops offering Green Bay Packers arrangements and as a reminder, the limited edition commemorative 100 Seasons Green Bay Packers wine is still available via

I also found crafters making their flower arrangements using Green Bay Packers coffee mugs or bottle cozies.

What a neat way to brighten someone’s day!

A 13x World Champion vibe always, Bart and Cherry Starr will celebrate 65 years of marriage this year in May. They were high school sweethearts. Send them a valentine c/o Starr Enterprises, 2647 Rocky Ridge Lane, Birmingham, AL 35216.

(a) Oliver, Randy. (2018, February 14). Here’s This Year’s Batch of NFL – Themed Valentine’s Day Cards. Retrieved from: