If the title of this blog didn’t give it away, it’s about Green Bay Packer stickers.

“How juvenile,” you think, but trust me, stickers, especially Green Bay Packers stickers, are enjoyed by adults too.

How many times are we out and about in our Packer’s gear and in passing run into another fan sporting the same?

A cool “Go Pack Go” is engaged and we go about our days, smiling.

What if I told you I share the same exchange via mail sometimes, sealed  with a Green Bay Packer sticker?

“Happy Birthday Dad,” Go Pack Go.

“Congratulations,” Go Pack Go.

Amazon Prime Returns, Go Pack Go.

RSVPs, Go Pack Go.

Check for credit card payment, memo line, Go Pack Go.

Yes, I still send checks sometimes.

You see I brought these really cool Green Bay Packer stickers from a store called paperandclips on Etsy.

For $2.50 you get 40 stickers, and the shipping costs as much as the stickers so order two sheets.

Imagine processing an Amazon return, looking for a barcode to scan for the millionth time in an hour and right next to it you notice a sticker? Go Pack Go!

Random Green Bay Packer stickers equal smiles. I’m convinced of the same.

Robots programmed with artificial intelligence processing returns can smile too, so don’t @ me.

You’re smiling thinking about it.

Keep smiling as you visit www.redbubble.com. Search Green Bay Packers in the subject line and the site will return 777 results to look through. I liked the jersey stickers and was surprised at how many player options they had.

I don’t have any children, but if I did they’d get some of these to stick on their school-issued ipads depending on the amount of the fine.

You’re again smiling about paying the fine assessed for putting a Green Bay Packer sticker on school property.

Never grow up.

A 13x World Champion vibe always, the inspiration for this blog was a custom sticker ordered off eBay from jknaubvinylgraphics. An obvious Patriots fan, based on other products from this seller, after a quick exchange, jknaub was willing to make me a custom vinyl cling for $3.25 including shipping!

I indeed left a review that included Go Pack Go!