Per Peter Bukowski via Twitter yesterday, “There are nine 2-0 teams in the NFL but only one who has two wins against teams who were above .500 last year: the Green Bay Packers.”

Say It Louder For The People In The Back (or those still sitting) Peter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty dynamic environment for the home opener in Week 2, I was happy to do my part from Section 108 and to report I have perfected a way of yelling so as not to lose my voice.

Seeing Cherry Starr and Brett Favre walk out of the tunnel was awesome, truly a once in a lifetime game day experience.

We know it’s unrealistic for Cherry and Brett to make an appearance at every home game and the Green Bay Packers planned to introduce new entertainment elements this season, some of which were tested in the preseason, to “help take Lambeau Field’s competitive environment to the next level.” (b)

What I noticed:

New player videos from, including but not limited to, Za’Darius Smith and Preston Smith, played on the Tundra Vision HD billboard screens to get the crowd pumped when the defense was on the field.

There was no wave (at all), no third-down fog horn and no discounted beer prices.

Fresher music was played with the exception of “Bang the Drum All Day” and “Roll out the Barrel.” (b)

If I had one suggestion, it would be that advertisements, fan promotions, or the Ariens’ Attendance Tracker contest still kills the vibe a bit in certain circumstances. The timing of when these are aired could be better.

There was also a decibel meter.

If it’s been there before, I haven’t noticed.

The decibel meter got my attention and prompted me to look up loudest stadiums earlier this week. Interesting that Arrowhead Stadium registered a record 142.2 decibels on September 29, 2014, versus the Patriots during Monday Night Football in Week 4 according to the Guinness Book of World Records. (a)

Sunday versus the Vikings we got the decibel meter at Lambeau to 106ish going from memory. Okay, loud. 

Pressures on for the Milwaukee season ticket holders and other Packer fans heading to the Broncos game this Sunday!

Get Louder!

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