In support of meaningful Green Bay Packer football this December, seize the opportunity at holiday parties to show your love of the best team in professional sports by wearing an ugly Green Bay Packers sweater.

We couldn’t attend the Ugly Sweater Night at Titletown last night, so our first-holiday party this season will be Friday.

My husband has his sweater all picked out. Every time he puts it on, I smile.

Currently online described as Rodgers A. #12 2015 Player Ugly Sweater, I see this sweater available ranging from $29.99 to $70.00.

Using a range of 1 – 10, 10 being the ugliest, I put this one at a solid 8.

Less uglier options to support #12 in ugly sweater form can be found on eBay.

Amazon has a solid selection of Green Bay Packers Ugly Sweaters but they’re average at best.

In recent seasons I’ve seen the same patterns, occasionally lights added, but this season is unique.  Treat yourself this year in support of your favorite team and their current 10-3 record this December.

May I suggest the FOCO NFL Men’s Ugly Sweater that glows in the dark?

A solid one on the ugly sweater scale, it’s perfect for the next holiday happy hour.

Of course, DIY is always an option.

I wonder how much this ten weighs with all that flair?

This Sunday, Green Bay Packers jerseys, sweatshirts, or sweaters will be swapped for either snowmobile or hunting gear at Lambeau Field with temps expected to be in the low twenties.

Thrilled to attend the 200th game in the Packers/Bears rivalry, I remind myself it’s not always a fashion show on gameday.

A 13x World Champion vibe always, an ugly win last Sunday perhaps, but an ugly win is still a win.

I agree with Aaron and wouldn’t mind one bit if the Green Bay Packers win ugly all the way to the Super Bowl!!!

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