If you haven’t forgotten that the Packers are one of six teams that remain undefeated, keep scrolling.

OK, now that Tom Brady is here, here’s your friendly reminder that Green Bay is indeed 4-0.

See you week 6, pal. Mark your calendar, in case you forget.

Not even going to lie; for selfish reasons, I wish Green Bay was playing this weekend. Life is boring as it is due to 2020 just feeling like a Razor Scooter to the shin 99.7% of the time, and without a game to really look forward to has me reminiscing on how outstanding Aaron Rodgers and the Packers have been the past four games.

Usually, a bye week is a time for teams to kickback, maybe get away for a little bit; in our case, celebrate being 4-0. Do their thing, you know?

But, due to COVID-19, that celebrating (as a group), will be put on hold. Players and coaches aren’t allowed to leave the city where the team is located during the off week, as they must provide daily specimens for COVID-19 testing.

On the Pat McAfee Show this week, Aaron Rodgers talked about how it sucks not being able to use a bye week as one would in past seasons, but understands how it has to be due to the situation we are all dealing with.

“Shoot, the same thing I do every time I leave after practice. Go home, chill, watch anime, play my video games,” Running back Jamaal Williams mentions, “This is nothing different for me. I like being at home and chilling by myself and my daughter’s coming so now we really get to have fun together.”

Just another reason Williams is THAT guy. #GirlDad

Let us talk more about Rodgers on the Pat McAfee Show this week.

When Ty Schmit says he was on the “front lines fighting people,” who would say Rodgers was in any way washed up, overrated, etc., I felt that on so many levels of my being.

Rodgers goes on to then say,

Absolute mic drop. We must protect this man at all costs. I’ll refrain from saying more so I don’t ruin a good thing here.

OK OK OK. Back to basics though.

Before I leave you, here are a few things of note reflecting on the past four games, and the next stretch of games the Packers have ahead of them.

Green Bay’s offensive line has been on the rise, and I genuinely feel they have been the most consistent when it comes to being able to carry out a play. Figuratively and literally.

The run game is averaging 150.8 yards per game and 5.1 yards per carry.

Granted they aren’t the explosive force we might’ve seen in week 1, the offensive line has been able to remain effective even with injuries and the moving around of players.

“The offensive line part of the equation shouldn’t be overlooked; it’s been vital. Rodgers has been sacked on only 2.1 percent of dropbacks, and the quarterback himself blamed his own protection calls on two of the three sacks,” (Zach Kruse, via packerswire.com).

We’ve also seen a dramatic difference when it comes to third down conversions, which was a point of emphasis and importance to head coach Matt LeFleur in the offseason.

Looking back at week 4 vs. Atlanta, I didn’t have to walk out of the room (like past games), when I knew that third down play was coming.

For reference, I tweeted this when Green Bay played Detroit in week 2.

I have yet to feel like Shia LaBeouf since tweeting this a few weeks back. WE’RE IMPROVING PEOPLE!

Packer turnovers are also unheard of.

“Aaron Rodgers doesn’t have a turnover-worthy play, via Pro Football Focus, and the team’s lone fumble was out of bounds at the end of a play. No team in  Packers history had ever escaped the first four games without a turnover. No team in NFL history had ever scored 150 points without a turnover in the first four games.” (Zach Kruse, via packerswire.com).

Another crazy statistic from this Packers football team. I could get used to these.

Before I take up your whole Saturday, let me stop while I’m ahead here. I’ll save some of the good stuff for next week, so don’t make me remind you to come back and read what I have to say. I don’t have the time.

Enjoy your off week. May it be safe and socially distanced. Cheers.