No Huddle Radio #22: Barry’s Defense, Packers in Review Part 2

Packers Defensive Coordinator Joe Barry

New defensive coordinator for the Packers Joe Barry has been around for a long time and coached for many teams over the years, including two stints as DC for the Lions and That Team In Washington. How will his defense in Green Bay look different from Pettine’s and from Barry’s previous defenses? J.J. and Gil dive into Barry’s past to answer that question!

The guys also continue their Packers in Review series, analyzing games from the 2020 season. This week they trek through the murky middle of the season which had many highs and as many lows. They take a listener question about free agent JJ Watt, then tackle the debate topic: after Jaire, who is Gutekunst’s best draft pick? Listen to their debate, then vote your opinion here:

On No Huddle Radio, hosts J.J. Lahey and Gil Martin give you in-depth analysis of what’s happening with the Green Bay Packers. Get the latest news, injury updates and preview the next game with key matchups to look for and find out why we think the Pack will win or lose.

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