Over the past two seasons, the Green Bay Packers have gone 28-8 including the playoffs. They have been one game shy of the Super Bowl in back to back seasons now. Green Bay is clearly very close, but they need some help in Free Agency to make that final jump.

The Packers have a lot of talent, but also a lot of holes to fill within the roster. Aaron Jones is almost surely gone, and Corey Linsley will be tough to re-sign with the money he is sure to be offered from other teams.

The Packers need to fill those holes with viable replacements, but more importantly they need to improve in their weak positions. AJ Dillon has shown promise, but needs a viable second option at running back. Some solid options would be to either bring back Jamaal Williams, or sign a proven veteran such as Todd Gurley on a prove it deal, or Kenyan Drake for a solidified one-two punch at running back.

Corey Linsley has been phenomenal. Last season especially. So Green Bay needs to replace him with a solid center to fill the role that he played. David Andrews is a veteran who could fill that role just as well, probably for less money. David Andrews has been a consistent center for the majority of his career, and that is what the Packers need at this point in time. Someone who will miss minimum time, and serve as a veteran presence on and off the field.

Finally, the other position that Green Bay should attempt to make a big splash in is the Cornerback position. The easy route here is to once again look at veteran presence. There are guys such as AJ Bouye and Desmond Trufant. This should be the position the Packers are most worried about, so there is also a reality to spend big on an up and coming star. Two players who could fill that role are Cameron Sutton and Michael Davis

Sutton does not have a very large sample size, as he only started 6 games last season in the stacked Pittsburgh secondary. When he did play, he tackled well, and made some plays on the ball. That’s exactly what would be needed from him as the CB 2 on the Packer roster.

Michael Davis on the other hand has started in almost 30 games over the past two seasons, and has been quite consistent. His numbers aren’t flashy, but he is a solid tackler, who makes more plays on the football than Sutton has shown.

Either of these players would be a great replacement for the everything but consistent Kevin King.