The Green Bay Packers signed veteran quarterback Blake Bortles Wednesday afternoon causing Packers fans to scramble to figure out what impact it has on the Aaron Rodgers situation.

It has been just over two weeks since Adam Schefter, much like Mola Ram in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, ripped the hearts out of every Packers fan in the world by announcing that Rodgers wanted out of Green Bay. The aftermath of Schefter’s tweet has been ugly and confusing as no one, except Rodgers, knows what the hell is actually going on.

Personally, I believe that Rodgers has every right to be disgruntled, but I do not believe it is to the point that he would ditch his fellow teammates. I echo John Kuhn’s statements that this situation is certainly fixable. I’m not saying that Schefter and company were completely in the wrong to air the story, but I do think they embellished the fact that the relationship between Rodgers and the front office is beyond repair.

Now back to Blake Bortles. GM Brian Gutenkunst mentioned that the Packers would be adding another QB to fill out the roster, but for some reason people are still shocked that they did. In my opinion there are three ways this signing impacts the future.

First, not at all. Gutenkunst said they would, and they did. Bortles hasn’t started a game since 2018 and is at the stage of his career where he is relegated to camp duty. If anything, Bortles’ experience gives Jordan Love reasonable competition to win the No. 2 spot.

Second, some thought the Packers were going to bring in young arms to compete with Love, so they believe this singing means the end of Jordan Love in Green Bay. If indeed Rodgers wants Love out, this move could possibly proceed a move that appeases Aaron. However, I am still not convinced that Rodgers qualms have more to do with Green Bay’s personal and is not simply about more money in his extension.

Third, Rodgers is out. I would hope to all that is holy that the Packers’ initial reaction to Rodgers officially leaving is not bring in Blake Bortles.

If that is case, buckle up folks. It’s goin’ to be a bumpy ride.


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