I’ll admit it, I’m a sentimental guy. I don’t *reflect* with regularity but after the Packers officially locked up the #1 seed by vanquishing the divisional foe Vikings, I found myself looking inward. 

What a treat this 2021 season has been. Filled with drama, intrigue, stellar play and lots of W’s..all you could ask for from our most cherished form of entertainment (okay, it’s more than just entertainment).

Speaking of intrigue.. 

QB Aaron Rodgers has begun to fuel speculation that he may walk away from football after the season. 

Cue the groans from those who lived through Brett Favre’s years of retirement waffling. 

Rodgers has sounded for the better part of two seasons like a guy on a farewell tour. Talking about being grateful, being present, talking about how “special” Green Bay, Lambeau etc. are. 

“At some point the ride stops, and you have to get off” Rodgers said on Pat McAfee’s show earlier this week. 

Ain’t that the truth. Nothing lasts forever, and Rodgers appears to be feeling his playing career mortality. 

Rodgers has turned into somewhat of a controversial figure in recent history, but I think all Packers fans can take away something from Rodgers sense of gratitude and living in the moment. 

Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers celebrates after an NFL football game against the Philadelphia Eagles, Monday, Nov. 28, 2016, in Philadelphia. Green Bay won 27-13. (AP Photo/Michael Perez)

Winning Culture

We are incredibly spoiled. Not to say that the team hasn’t earned all the wins, accolades and trophies over the years but there are so many teams and organizations left perpetually on the outside looking in. 

Organizations that can’t sniff a .500 record, let alone the playoffs 

Organizations that may make the playoffs but have never have made a Super Bowl appearance

Teams that have made it to the big game but couldn’t win it

Franchises that were once proud but have been in the basement for a generation 

As Packers fans in the last 30 years we’ve had to experience…none of that! 

Winning culture is a term that’s a bit of a moving target, but when you see it, you know it. 

I have a close friend who is a Jacksonville Jaguars fan. Can you imagine? All that premium draft capital, all that cap space, a desirable locale (at least in comparison to Green Bay) and nothing but losing.

At risk of falling off of my high horse, I know that much of the Packers success over the last generation is attributed to two men. Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. 

If Rodgers does indeed retire or move on, I understand how quickly the script can be flipped when you’re trying to fill the most important position in the sport.

But I have the utmost confidence that an organization rooted in putting a winning product on the field will exhaust all avenues to do so.

Green & Gold & Grateful

I have to pinch myself from time-to-time that an NFL organization, whose historical threads are woven into the fabric of the league, resides less than an hour from where I’ve lived my whole life. 

An organization in a comically small market that’s won, just, ya know, 13 world championships. 

As Packers fans we love to rib Vikings fans that we don’t hang NFC North Division title banners, we just want Lombardi’s. But, it’s easy to take all the winning for granted. 

Each win this year has felt special in it’s own right. 

It’s okay to be grateful for what this team has done in the regular season this year. Or last year. Or during Rodgers tenure. 

However, I’m not only looking backward. I think it’s important to pause for a moment to take in all that the team has accomplished this year in particular. 

The potential to sweep MVP/Coach/Executive awards at seasons end.

Securing the one seed with a game to spare 

Being Vegas’ odds-on favorite to win the Super Bowl

Battling injury all year and still managing to post the best record in the NFL

All truly special feats, but let’s cap it off with winning the big one again. 

Final Word

If the Packers fall short of another Super Bowl win this year I’ll be upset, maybe even morose for a bit, but you can bet I’ll be ready to buy the ticket and take the ride next year. 

If Rodgers ain’t on it, that’s okay too.

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