Aaron Rodgers is yet to decide whether he wants to continue playing in the NFL next season for what would be his 19th league season. If he does remain as a player, his future with the Green Bay Packers is uncertain. This uncertainty is partly due to the player’s reluctance to make a commitment and partly due to the Packers wanting to move on from the relationship. There are several reasons why trading Rodgers may be appealing to the Packers, including financial considerations as well as the feelings of the player and of the team as a whole.

What are the odds of Rodgers staying at Green Bay Packers?

Currently, the odds favor Rodgers remaining with the Packers for the upcoming season. They currently stand at -110 for the Packers to be the team where Rodgers plays. However, the odds of Rodgers being at other teams are now closing in. For example, odds on the Jets being his new team have gone from +750 on January 23 to +100 currently. These odds will change again once Rodgers decides whether he will continue playing and as the new season approaches.

If Rodgers does not stay, how will this affect next season’s odds for the Green Bay Packers?

If the Packers decide to move on from Rodgers, this will likely be in favor of giving Jordan Love a chance. The young quarterback has previously acted as a backup for Rodgers and has not had the opportunity to be fully tested in NFL play. So, bringing him to the fore is a risk.

Having said that, Rodgers had a less-than-stellar (for him) season in 2022 (3,695 yards, 26 touchdowns, 12 interceptions, 64.6 completion percentage). So, the Packers may think the risk is worth taking, especially when there should be a good market for a player who is a four-time MVP and 10-time Pro Bowler. If Rodgers does return, and the Packers do decide to trade him, what will this mean for the team’s odds of success next season?

We spoke to a journalist from JustGamblers who specializes in the NFL. He told us,

“In terms of actual betting odds, it’s too soon to tell. Once the fixtures are released in May, it will be easier to judge the chances of each team, and odds will be available after that. However, there are a couple of points to look at. Rodgers was not at his best last season, so the Packers may feel like it’s time to try something new. Balancing that is the fact that although his probable replacement, Love, has a good arm, his accuracy and decision-making are problematic. Honestly, it’s probably too early to make judgments right now.”

This reflection on the potential future for the Packers without Rodgers is accurate. It’s difficult to tell what will happen if the star quarterback moves to pastures new. There will certainly be a lot of pressure on Love to perform if Rodgers is no longer on the team. The way he deals with this pressure early in the season will have an impact on the Green Bay Packers’ odds of achieving success.