Most Packers fans have probably heard the news of the New York Jets flying to visit Aaron Rodgers. It now brings in the question of what the Green Bay Packers can receive in a trade with the Jets.

Ever since Rodgers has returned from his darkness retreat, there hasn’t been a clear answer whether he’s returning or not to the gridiron. However, there is news that the Jets got permission to speak to the quarterback and flew into California to meet with him. There still hasn’t been an answer on if he’s returning or not, but he is willing to play for the Jets.

If the Packers do decide to deal Rodgers, they should be able to get some solid compensation in return. Although his massive contract makes it difficult to facilitate a trade, the Jets are willing to do so. Jets’ owner Woody Johnson has already expressed he’ll do what it takes to land a top quarterback like Rodgers.

What Packers fans would love to see in a trade for Rodgers is likely this year’s first round pick along with their 2024 first round pick and a potential player. This could be considered a reach but it’s a trade Packers fans wouldn’t mind at all. New York currently holds the 13th pick in this year’s draft so having both the 13th and 15th pick would be a great opportunity for Green Bay.

If the Packers are able to get a player, wide receiver Elijah Moore or safety Jordan Whitehead would be ideal considering depth and needs. The likely trade would be this year’s first and second round pick as it would give the Packers more ammo to either trade up or draft more players.

If you’re evaluating the trade market of previous star quarterbacks to get traded, 2 first round picks are usually included. Rodgers is 39-years-old coming off of a down year in his standards. Two first round picks for the 4-time-MVP should be something that’s included but not guaranteed given his age and contract.

If Woody Johnson is willing to do what it takes at all costs to acquire Rodgers, then the Packers should use that to their leverage. Trading Rodgers would allow the Packers to have additional draft picks and cap space to build their roster and add more talent around a Jordan Love led team.

Aaron Rodgers is no stranger to rumors and talk when it comes to the offseason. Everyone knows Rodgers likes to take his time with these decisions as this year feels like it’s the biggest one. The Packers will also have to decide whether or not they want to pick up Jordan Love’s 5th year option.

Rodgers’ decision looms big this time and will impact many different aspects. Packers and Jets fans will be monitoring his decision closely.


Javier Delgado is a lifelong Packers fan who is currently majoring in sports journalism at Arizona State University. He writes for and you can follow him on twitter at @javierrdelgadoo.