That’s right. This is an article that is not only about why the Packers will select a quarterback in this year’s NFL Draft but also who their top candidates are. More precisely, this is the Top 5 QBs the Packers could select in the draft. But why would the Packers select a quarterback when this is now Jordan Love’s team, you ask? Well, let’s find out.

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So Why Would The Packers Select a QB?

There are myriad reasons that the Packers might select a quarterback in the NFL draft.

Number 1: Jordan Love needs a backup. And yes, I understand that a veteran presence would be preferred but the Packers could very easily find a capable backup in the draft.

Number 2: What QB veterans are left on the market?

  • Matt Ryan
  • Carson Wentz
  • Teddy Bridgewater
  • Joe Flacco
  • Blaine Gabbert

Among others.

Ask yourself, do any of these quarterbacks move the needle for ya? Do any of them benefit Jordan Love’s development? Maybe Matt Ryan, but even then…

Number 3: Drafting a QB is much cheaper. Unless the Packers could somehow convince Matt Ryan to backup Jordan Love for the veteran minimum, drafting a quarterback is going to end up being much cheaper in the long run.

Number 4: The Packers have done it before. When the Packers moved on to Aaron Rodgers in 2008, they selected not one but two QBs in that draft. The Packers selected Brian Brohm in the second round and Matt Flynn in the seventh.

Number 5: The last reason the Packers should select a QB in draft is this: what if Jordan Love is not good? I know you don’t want to hear it, but the Packers have to be prepared for that possibility. It never hurts to have a QB on the roster to teach and work with just in case things fall flat with Love.

The reasons to draft a QB are indeed substantial, so does that mean the Packers should do everything possible to move up in the first round to draft one of the top 4? Absolutely not. But drafting a QB on day 2 or even early on day 3 could be a priority.

Top 5 QBs the Packers Should Target in the Draft

So what quarterbacks should the Packers target? Let’s take a look.

Number 5: Hendon Hooker. Now, this is only a possibility if Hendon Hooker were to fall in the draft. I don’t see this happening and lately there has been much talk about him moving into the first round.

  • Some Positives- Hooker was extremely efficient in college having thrown for 68 touchdowns to 11 interceptions. The QB has a quick release and has shown a great deal of athleticism.
  • Some Negatives- Hooker tore his ACL in 2022 and is on target to be ready for camp. The offense he ran at Tennessee is nothing like a NFL style offense. Hooker is also already 25 years old.

Number 4: Dorian Thompson-Robinson. The UCLA product is projected to go on day 3 of the NFL draft.

  • Some Positves- DTR is athletic and is regarded highly as a dual threat quarterback. He set many school records at UCLA and was seen as a leader.
  • Some Negatives- Thompson-Robinson was inconsistent in college. That was his main weakness. If he can’t be in rhythm, then he will miss throws on occasion.

Number 3: Stetson Bennett. The Georgia QB will either be drafted late in the draft or could possibly not be drafted at all.

  • Some Positives- Bennett is a leader. He is extremely confident. His eyes are always down field looking for someone to get open. Is very football smart! Oh and he knows how to win on big stages, having won the College Football National Championship two times.
  • Some Negatives- Bennett will turn 26 during the season. He is smaller in size and sometimes will struggle with the deep ball. Bennett has also been in the headlines due to some off-field issues.

Number 2: Jaren Hall, a BYU prospect, is already 25 years old but has the traits and abilities to make it in the NFL. He is projected to be picked on day 3.

  • Some Positives- Hall has excellent ball placement and could fit well into Matt LaFleur’s offense because of this. He has almost perfect timing on his throws. He commands the field better than most.
  • Some Negatives- Hall is a bit undersized and can struggle with the deep ball. Hall has a problem with getting enough zip on his throws and because of this he has to be perfect or at least nearly perfect with his decision making.

Number 1: Tanner McKee. McKee was the only bright spot this year for Stanford. He could be drafted as early as the second round but could also fall quite a ways too.

  • Some Positives- McKee has a strong build and has great arm strength. He can make all of the throws. McKee is very strong at anticipating the open man and making the correct throw.
  • Some Negatives- He is not very athletic and is not the best when he feels pressured. His accuracy can dip quite a bit when under pressure.

The Packers are in a state of trying to correct their overspending from the past couple of years and may have to look to the draft for a backup quarterback. And you never know, they might hit one out of the ball park with one of these picks.

The Packers are going to want Jordan Love to know that this is his team no matter what. We don’t want him looking over his shoulder wondering if the Packers are gonna be putting a Matt Ryan into the game. Love has to have time to grow as a starter and having a Tanner McKee as a backup will show Love that he has nothing to worry about.

He can just go and play.


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