The Green Bay Packers won against the Seattle Seahawks in the last game of preseason. After a scoreless third quarter, both teams put up touchdowns. Green Bay held the lead when it seemed like the Seahawks’ third team offense was just about to score to win the game. However, Benny Sapp called game by intercepting third-string quarterback Holton Ahlers. The Packers won! The energy and excitement for winning a preseason game was electric to see. This team is different. That isn’t the only thing I learned from this one. These are the top five things that I learned from this preseason matchup.

Top Five Things We Learned

Number 5: Defensive Line Depth

The Packers defensive line has amazing depth. This is a good thing, but it also makes General Manager Brian Gutekunst and Head Coach Matt LaFleur’s job very difficult come cutdown day on Tuesday. Colby Wooden, Karl Brooks, and Jonathan Ford are fun to watch. Throw in Brenton Cox at edge, who should make the roster, and the Packers have exciting group behind the starters on the defensive line.

Number 4: Anders Carlson

Anders Carlson is going to have ups and downs, but man, does he have a big leg. He also had a good day. After the offense stalled, Carlson came out and nailed a 43-yard field goal on the first drive of the game. He did end up missing a point-after try but it was because it was blocked due to a good play by the Seahawks special teams player. Carlson was given another opportunity just before half. Kicking with the wind, Anders Carlson destroyed a 57-yard attempt that would have been good from 62 yards out.

He finished the day making a point-after try at the end of the game. Carlson is just a rookie and I know there has been talk about bringing in a veteran, but the Packers need to ride the ups and downs of Carlson. They could have themselves a good one once he figures out the consistency issues.

Number 3: Third Running Back Battle

Emmanuel Wilson was given opportunities a the beginning of the game with the first team offense, but he was not able to do much with his carries. On the other hand, when Patrick Taylor was given attempts with the ones, he was able to perform well. Wilson was given more opportunities throughout the game and when facing third-stringers, he did do well. It just seems like this is still Patrick Taylor’s spot while Emmanuel Wilson finds himself on the practice squad.

Number 2: Injuries

It does seem like the Packers avoided some injuries in this one. Both Royce Newman and Sean Clifford ended up leaving the game early due to injury. Clifford’s injury was caused during a QB-sneak when his elbow roughed up in the pile. Clifford said after the game “that every thing checks out.” Newman was also reported to be fine.

Another injury that did not happen in the game but still needs to be talked about is that of Romeo Doubs. Doubs did not suit up for this one due to an injury. After the game Matt LaFleur was asked if he was concerned about it and he said, “There’s always concern.” Now don’t panic yet, because he did follow up and said it was more precautionary than anything. We will have to wait a week and half to get the injury report to learn more about it.

Not Quite Top Five

  • The battle at punter between Pat O’Donnell and Daniel Whelan is legit. Whelan punted most of the first half and was given another opportunity in the second half.
  • Isaiah McDuffie was flying all over the field at inside linebacker and looked good.
  • Carrington Valentine played great. He would have been in mentioned in the top five for sure if he would have made the interception that would have been a pick six in the first half.
  • JJ Enagbare was blowing up blockers including a poor wide receiver who was violently thrown to the ground. Enagbare also just missed blocking a punt.
  • Finally, it was preseason for the referees too, and this isn’t meant as an insult as the refs played well. No, at one point in the game, the head referee left the field leaving only six on the field. This was done to simulate a ref getting injured in a regular season game. I just thought it was pretty cool.
  • The Aaron Rodgers belt curse lives on for opposing teams. After a pass breakup by Blount on Christian Watson, Blount preceded to do Aaron Rodgers’ belt celebration over Watson. This drew a fifteen-yard taunting penalty against the Seahawks.

Finally, number one.

Number 1: Jordan Love Is Number One In This Top Five

And how could he not be number one in this top five?

Jordan Love has wheels:

  • On a 3rd and three, Love ran for five yards and the first down.
  • After the taunting penalty gave the Packers a first down, Love scrambled for eleven yards and the first down.
  • On 1st and ten, after first down play by Luke Musgrave, the Packers went hurry up. Love had a ton of time in the pocket and even extended his time in the pocket by making a couple of guys miss. Ultimately went for an incompletion.
  • Second and eight, Love ran up the middle for a five yard gain. He slid on the play.

Love, on his last drive of the preseason, completed seven out of ten passes while driving the Packers to a score. The drive ended with a beautiful back-shoulder pass to Christian Watson for the touchdown.

Love looks ready for the season. Matter of fact, this team looks ready for the regular season. I don’t think I have been more excited for a season to finally kick off than I am this year. It is because it truly is a “beautiful mystery” (thank you Aaron Rodgers for that one) as to what will happen.

Are you ready for the journey? I know I am.


Damon is a diehard, fully-immersed cheesehead who currently lives in southern Missouri. He teaches at a local high school and has a family YouTube channel about all things Packers. You can follow him on twitter at @packersfamily and on YouTube at The Packers Family.