Despite the fact that there is uncertainty surrounding the Green Bay Packers’ offense this year, many fans of the team have probably ended up with a few Packers on their fantasy squads. So, who makes the cut as a surefire starter during week one and who should ride the bench until they see a little more consistency? Football is back, so let’s do some fantasy starts and sits.

Aaron Jones: Start

Before we get into whether this is a good matchup for Jones I’m going to share a little bit of general fantasy advice for free. You probably drafted Aaron Jones somewhere in between rounds three and five, and since it’s week one; don’t get cute, start your studs. Don’t hold yourself up on the “but Brian Robinson and Miles Sanders have really good matchups” thoughts. Its week one. You likely just drafted your team. Start the guys that you took high because that’s why you took them high.

With all of that being said; yes this is a monster opportunity for Jones. The offense will likely lean on the run game to at least a slightly higher degree early on in the year than we’re used to seeing. Pair that with the fact that Chicago has a frail defensive front, and Jones should be getting to the second level of the defense regularly (where he then just has to worry about making this guy miss). Jones could very well have one of his best fantasy performances of the year in Chicago, take advantage.

Jordan Love: Sit

This feels obvious but let’s dig into it a bit. Jordan Love likely wasn’t drafted as your starter, but maybe you’re worried about Joe Burrow’s health, or another QBs matchup, etc. My advice is even if your QB situation is shaky, I’d rather start a few other backup guys who are being viewed in a similar light as Love. Depending on the size and format of your league, Love is most likely safe to drop to waivers in favor of someone with a higher floor due to rushing acumen; someone such as Anthony Richardson or Daniel Jones.

This is not to say Love will be bad in his first real outing of the year, I just don’t see him putting up the bulk stats for an impressive fantasy football performance.

Christian Watson: Start

It’s hard not to be high on Christian Watson after what we saw from him last year. Pair that up with a questionable Bears secondary and an already solid connection between Jordan Love and undoubtedly his favorite receiver and we may get some fireworks. I expect a deep ball connection in redeeming fashion after his week one drop last year. Tack on at least 3 or 4 other receptions for what I’m predicting will give Watson the performance of a high upside fantasy WR2 this week.

Romeo Doubs: Sit

After all I said about Watson I will simply say; there’s only one ball. I love Romeo Doubs, but I think he’ll take a backseat to Watson in week one for a few reasons. Love will likely lean on the timing and connection he has with Watson, like what we saw on this throw, or on this back shoulder TD in the preseason. Doubs has a chance to put up a good performance in an offense that is likely to spread the ball around as much as almost any other, but he’s a sit unless you’re shallow at the wide receiver position.

Luke Musgrave: Desperation Start

The tight end position is very weak in fantasy football, and the best and most consistent player at the position likely will not be suiting up for his week one matchup against Detroit. If you’re like me and you took Travis Kelce in the first round and didn’t have a backup plan for a TE, go ahead and pick up Musgrave if you’re not feeling great about Noah Grey or Gerald Everett. Luke Musgrave shot his way up to the top of Green Bay’s depth chart and everyone likes what they’ve seen from him.

Kyle Pitts has been the only rookie tight end to break 750 yards since Jeremy Shockey did it in 2002, and even then only 5 tight ends have ever done it in history. Musgrave however, is a highly gifted and talented athlete, and he’s in a situation as a day one starter that not many rookie TEs end up in. So will Luke Musgrave make rookie tight end history? Maybe, I don’t know, but feel free to toss him in the lineup during week one since the tight end position is a wasteland anyway.

Rapid Fire: Bears Players and Other Considerations

I wanted to focus on the Packers as well as specifically fantasy relevant players, but let’s get through a few exceptions to that rule.

Sit both defenses. There are plenty of other streamable defenses such as Minnesota vs the Buccaneers or the Commanders vs the Cardinals. This is too volatile of a matchup on both sides, with a shaky defense like Chicago’s and with an atheltic QB like Fields, I would not be comfortable starting either defense.

Sit AJ Dillon. Unless you are in a 14 man league and RB didn’t go your way in the draft, you’re hoping for a goal line touchdown if you want a fantasy relevant performance from the Packers RB2.

Start DJ Moore. I hate to say it as much as anyone else, but he’s had two solid games against Green Bay in the past and he’s never depended too heavily on a very accurate QB. Moore has the potential to pick up RAC yards against a secondary that has two missing starters from last year and a shaky back end.

Start Justin FIelds. There’s not much to this, mobile QBs have high fantasy upside and you likely drafted him to be your starter. Don’t expect a monster game, but he may be responsible for two touchdowns on the day.


Zack is a college student and cheesehead from California. When he’s not in class or writing, you can find him talking about the Packers on Twitter at @Zack_Upchurch.