Through 5 games this season the Packers offense isn’t off to the best start.

Whether it’s the running game, the passing game or just blocking in general the offense has struggled.

One of the biggest things to gain confidence and momentum throughout the game is to have a fast start on offense.

Fast start against the Bears

This is one thing the Packers offense hasn’t done since the season opener against the Bears.

Against the Bears, we saw Jordan Love drive right down the field on the first drive and score a touchdown to Romeo Doubs.

That was a fantastic way to open the season!

But since then, the Packers haven’t scored an opening drive touchdown.

Struggling the last four games

You can easily tell the offense hasn’t been putting up points in the first half.

Through the first 5 games the most points the Packers have scored in the first half was 10 points.

Those were against the Bears and Falcons, who were their first two opponents this season.

Since then, the Packers were shut out in the first half against the Saints.

But somehow the offense found their groove and went on to score 18 points in the 4th quarter.

After that though, offense managed to only put up three points in the first half against the Lions and Raiders.

Both games resulted in losses.

Run the ball and control the clock

Packers Running Back Duo

If the Packers are going to win more than 2 games this year the offense needs to start off fast.

One of the ways the Packers can do that is to establish the running game early.

Establishing the running game sets the tone of the game and you saw that against the Bears week 1.

If you keep running the ball, you’re not only getting the opposing defense tired but you are taking control of time of possession.

It can also help set up the passing game for the offense.

The Packers have 2 good running backs with A.J Dillon and Aaron Jones to do that.

Yes, Jones has been out for a couple of games but hopefully the bye week will help him get healthy.

Limit the three and outs

Another way the Packers can do to get off to a fast start is to limit the 3 and outs.

Through 5 games this season there have been far too many 3 and outs.

Too many 3 and outs means that the offense wasn’t on the field for long and the defense didn’t get enough time to rest.

If the Packers limit the amount of 3 and outs they have, that will certainly have to offense to get off to a faster start and help the defense.


It has been a while since we’ve seen the Packers offense like this.

Getting off to a fast start on offense will not only give the offense confidence, but it might set the tone for the rest of the season.

We saw against the Bears the Packers got off to a fast start and we saw the confidence that Love had during the game.

If Love can get that same confidence back and make throws like he did against the Bears, perhaps the Packers will start gaining momentum in the second half of the season.


Hau Khuong has been a Packers fan since 1996. He currently works as a video editor in Green Bay and writes for and you can follow him on twitter at @HauKhuongSports.