The Packers haven’t faced the toughest opponents the past 3 weeks, but the progress the offense is making can’t be denied.

So what exactly did “shake things up” mean when a frustrated LaFleur dropped that in a press conference before the Rams game? We will probably never find out, because teams don’t (and shouldn’t) let that kind of stuff out of the building. Whatever it meant, it seems to have made a difference.

Jordan Love has had 2 of the best games of his career back to back, the offensive line is playing better, WRs are making more plays and less mistakes, and they’ve won 2 of 3 games after losing 5 of 6.
Maybe Lafleur stepped back into the OC role.
Maybe some simple routines were disrupted.
Whatever it is, let’s hope it keeps working, and this young offense continues to grow.

Along the way, let’s just be thankful that we have Packers football to watch on Thanksgiving Day.
The Lions played spoiler to good Packers teams on Thanksgiving Day in the past, maybe it’s time for the Packers to return the favor…

Happy Thanksgiving, Packers fans!
Go Pack Go!

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