All the boxes that needed to get checked, have been checked. Hiring a new DC doesn’t count, because that’s the first item on 2024’s list. 

You have a franchise QB, a future LT and RT, playmakers on both sides of the ball, and as a bonus they all have playoff experience now. It may have been a disappointing end, but don’t let that make you forget the overall success the season was. 

If that isn’t enough, the GM might be the best in the league right now. The way he’s drafted the past two years should make everyone very excited about the talent that will be added to this group that was only a few plays aways from playing for another Lombardi. 

We begin our draft coverage next week, as we go position by position to highlight who we think has the best chance to be drafted by the Packers. We will be analyzing a different position group each week leading up to the draft. 

Go Pack Go!

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