With the NFL draft coming up in a few short weeks, I wanted to a look at the history of the Packers in NFL drafts.

Specifically a look at first round draft picks that didn’t work out for the Packers.

Some we remember very well, some of them we’ve already forgotten.

This week though we look at one draft pick that a lot of people questioned back in 2004.

Background before NFL Draft

Back in 2004, the Packers went into the off-season with a disgruntled starting cornerback.

Mike McKenzie wanted a bigger contract and top tier money for a top corner.

Mike Sherman, who was both head coach and general manager, attempted to negotiate a contract with McKenzie.

Knowing that he might lose McKenzie, Sherman went into the 2004 NFL draft with cornerback as a priority.

The Pick of Ahmad Carroll

The Packers held the 25th pick in the First round of the 2004 draft.

Coincidently, 20 years later the Packers hold the same draft pick.

General Manager Sherman was intrigued by Arkansas Ahmad Carroll’s speed.

During the combine Carrol clocked a 4.38 in the 40 yard dash.

He also had a 41-inch vertical jump.

Knowing the situation with McKenzie wasn’t going to get any better, Sherman picked Carroll with the 25th pick.

Criticism of the Pick

A lot of draft experts criticized the Packers for take Carroll a little earlier than expected.

Many didn’t have Carroll even going in the first round.

Even though Carroll possessed great speed and leaping ability, he was short for a cornerback at 5’9.

Furthermore, Carroll had some off the field and character issues.

But Sherman thought with his speed, vertical leap and 32 inch arm length would be a fit for the team.

Aftermath of the pick

With the situation with McKenzie not getting any better, Carroll was put into the starting lineup.

McKenzie, ended up holding out by the time Training Camp started and only played in a couple of snaps in the regular season.

McKenzie was traded a few weeks into the regular season.

Meanwhile, Quarterbacks started to pick on Carroll and it payed off.

Carroll struggled.

Not trusting his speed and physical abilities, Carroll got called most of the time for holding penalties.

And if Carroll wasn’t struggling on the field, he was struggling with his attitude issues.

Fellow draft pick Joey Thomas and Carroll didn’t not get along.

Thomas going as far as saying that Carroll was only the starter because he was a first round draft pick.

That led to a altercation with both cornerback after a team meeting.

Short Stay

Carroll only spent 2 seasons with the Packers.

By the time Mike McCarthy became the head coach of the Packers, Carroll knew he was on thin ice.

A few games into the 2006 season, Carroll was cut from the team.

He would have short stints with the Jacksonville Jagaurs and in the Arena Football league before retiring in 2012.


Hau Khuong has been a Packers fan since 1996. He currently works as a video editor in Green Bay and writes for PackersTalk.com and you can follow him on twitter at @HauKhuongSports.