Green Bay Packers fans had to wait a little longer than they initially expected heading into the second round of the NFL Draft. The Packers had an initial pick of 41 and Cooper DeJean was seemingly falling right into their lap. Instead, the Eagles traded right in front of the Packers to select DeJean. Then the Packers traded back with the New Orleans Saints and selected Edgerrin Cooper, who Daniel Jeremiah had ranked as the best linebacker in the draft.

Edgerrin Cooper Analysis:

Edgerrin Cooper

Edgerrin Cooper is an extremely athletic linebacker and can move from sideline to sideline very well. Cooper has amazing closing speed and is able to make up ground quickly. He is a fantastic tackler with his long arms.

Furthermore, he is able to play man and zone defense very well for a linebacker. He has extensive experience at all linebacker positions but will likely be considered a mike linebacker in the NFL.

The 230-pound linebacker is very versatile and that really showed at Texas A&M. He had 83 tackles, 17 tackles for a loss, and eights sacks in 2023. He led the SEC in tackles for loss in 2023.

Packers Team Fit:

The Packers had a big time need at linebacker especially after losing DeVondre Campbell this offseason. Green Bay is also moving to the 4-3 defense which requires more linebackers in base defense. Needless to say, Quay Walker needed a partner in crime at the linebacker position.

By selecting Edgerrin Cooper, this frees up Quay Walker to play weak side linebacker. This allows Walker to make plays freely while Cooper mans the mike linebacker position. Of course, with both players’ athleticism and traits, their linebacker positions don’t necessarily have to be set in stone. They could be interchangeable.

By moving back, the Packers acquired more selections in day three just like Brian Gutekunst wanted. They still got the best player at a position of need. I’m excited to see Edgerrin Cooper run out with Quay Walker this fall.

Go Pack Go!


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