The Packers did an impressive job of addressing the offseason needs. Gutekunst signed a and drafted four safeties. He drafted two linebackers and added depth on the offensive lineman as well. However, the one glaring concern that still remains is the kicking game. The biggest battle in training camp is at the kicker position. At the moment, the question of who will lead the Packers kicking game is still unanswered.

Green Bay carried three kickers during OTAs and minicamp. Earlier this week, the Packers released K Jack Podlesny. Podlesny appeared to struggle during these early offseason practices. On the depth chart during OTAs, Podlesny found himself in the third spot. There is a possibility the Packers sign another kicker before camp starts. It was reported that Green Bay met with UFL star kicker Jake Bates before Bates signed with Detroit. The Packers have decided, for the time being, to enter camp with second year kicker Anders Carlson and former Minnesota Viking Greg Joseph.

Kicking Game Option 1 – Anders Carlson

Anders Carlson, a second year kicker out of Auburn, appears to be the front runner to win the job. Carlson was selected in the sixth round of the 2023 draft. Carlson was less than impressive in his rookie campaign. Unfortunately, Carlson’s last appearance left a bad taste in the mouths of most Packer fans. Anders Carlson missed a 41 yard field goal in the 4th quarter against the 49ers in the Divisional Round. The Packers had a chance to increase their lead to 7. The missed field goal led to a Christian McCaffrey go ahead touchdown, which ended up being the difference.

In his rookie season, Anders Carlson was 27-33 on field goal attempts which is an accuracy rate of 81.8%. That percentage ranked 29th in the NFL. Carlson missed five extra points as well. He was 34-39 which is 87.9%. That percentage ranked 33rd in the NFL, according to ESPN. The Packers did stick by Carlson despite his struggles. Given the fact that 2023, in terms of expectations, was a “let’s see what we have” type of season, it made sense for the Packers to keep Carlson.

As the team prepares to enter the 2024 season, the Packers cannot afford to give Carlson a long leash. Green Bay is considered to be a contender in the NFC. LaFleur and co cannot afford to leave points off the board. The positive news is Carlson had a solid OTA and minicamp period. The Packers implemented a kicking period at the end of practice that placed the kickers in an intense environment. The team played loud music and the players gathered around yelling and tossing water on the kickers as they attempted 50 yard plus field goals. On the final day of Minicamp, Carlson went 2-2.

Option 2 – Greg Jospeh

The Packers signed former Viking kicker Greg Jospeh to a one year deal during free agency. Gutekunst has stressed the importance of creating internal competition. He believes that having multiple players competing for one or two spots forces players to work. The Packers saw as positive result at the WR position with his strategy in 2023. The Packers need to push Carlson so signing a veteran like Jospeh made sense.


During his five year NFL career, Greg Jospeh has played for the Browns, the Titans, and the Vikings. Additionally, he spent time with the Dolphins and the Panthers but did not play. Jospeh has a career field goal percentage of 82.6% and a 90.1% extra point percentage. The advantage Jospeh has over Carlson is experience. He has kicked in four playoff games, three with Tennessee and one with Minnesota. He is a perfect 12-12 on extra points and 2-2 on field goal attempts in the postseason.

Greg Jospeh certainly does not pop off the page. His statistics are similar to Carlson. The Packers hope that Jospeh, with his years of experience, can push Carlson. Carlson can certainly learn a thing or two from Jospeh just like any another young player/veteran situation. The Packers will give Carlson every chance to win the job. His upside is much higher than Jospeh. However, if Carlson struggles in camp and the preseason games, do not be surprised if the Packers go with Greg Joseph. Let’s hope Anders Carlson wins the job and becomes the Packers long term kicker. More importantly, let’s hope the Packers brass get this decision correct.