Ol Bag of Donuts

Packers Talk Network presents the return of the great Ol Bag of Donuts radio podcast, featuring two of the original OBOD founders, Chris Lempesis and Adam Somers. This weekly podcast will cover fan analysis of your favorite NFL team the Green Bay Packers, including game reviews and previews and player updates along with general fan thoughts.

When the expert analysis isn’t enough to get you through the week to a Packers victory, it’s time for you to tune into a radio podcast that will bring you the best Packers discussion from a fan’s perspective.

Besides their love for the Packers, these guys know how to keep a captive audience. Chris and Adam are not afraid to be brutally honest and vent about players, coaches or fans that aren’t living up to expectations. Their experience in journalism and radio broadcast brings an excellent mix of intellectual game examination and fun rival jokes to the podcast.

Both Chris and Adam grew up in America’s Dairyland surrounded by family and friends that cheered on the Green and Gold. Their paths crossed while attending college in the middle of Viking country and found an escape in their shared passion for Packers football. This friendship soon led to the creation of Ol Bag of Donuts, taking the nickname of former Packers center, Frank Winters.

Visit their site at olbagofdonuts.com, and follow them on Twitter at @olbagofdonuts & @Somers_time.