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For game analysis, commentary, opinion and (don’t be so shocked) humor, join Colleen and Kelly from PocketDoppler.com and Richard Chang from Dicksfavorite.com each week for their take on all things Packers.  Their weekly podcast is called Out of the Pocket and can be found on the Packers Talk Radio Network.

Be sure to follow them on Twitter at @WhatRUTinkin (Colleen) and @ceallaigh_hk (Kelly) as well as at their website, PocketDoppler.com. Richard can be found on Twitter at @RichardMChang and his blog at DicksFavorite.com.


About the Out of the Pocket podcast…

What happens when you bring together a born and bred Cheesehead, an Idaho Cowgirl turned Wisconsinite and a West Coast Hipster? Packers Football will never be the same.  When Colleen and Kelly aren’t trying to overthrow Chang as the commissioner of the DCGB, the only fantasy football league run like a small, corrupt South American nation, they can be found talking about all things Packers. Commentary, analysis, post-game breakdown, and debate veering from shallow to deep. Always relevant, sometimes irreverent, Out of the Pocket has its finger on the Packers pulse.

Colleen & Kelly: Out of the Pocket Podcast
Colleen & Kelly: Out of the Pocket Podcast



Colleen is a 2nd generation Idaho-born Packer fan, having been indoctrinated by her dad, a huge Jerry Kramer fan.  She still lives in Idaho, but is on an ever constant mission to relocate to Wisconsin to be nearer to family, friends, the Brewers and the Packers.  Not necessarily in that order.  While by profession she is a Human Resources manager, she harbors a not so secret dream to get paid to write about sports. Someday… Colleen is the original Pocket Doppler Angel and shares ‘A Violent Femme’s View’ regarding a variety of sports on PocketDoppler.com.



Kelly grew up on the other side of the river from Lambeau Field and has fond memories of former Packers safety Johnnie Gray coaching her fifth grade soccer team. They weren’t any good. In fact they were the Bad News Bears of youth soccer! That said, she stinks at Fantasy Football every year too but that doesn’t stop her from trying! Unlike certain tight ends, she has have a degree in chemistry even though it has nothing to do with football. Kelly does not play a doctor on TV. The opinions expressed here and at her blog are hers, hers alone, and do not reflect those of her unnamed employer. In fact, her day job probably doesn’t care about football nearly as much as she does. Kelly has been one of the PocketDoppler Angels since 2011 and you can find her column Sailing the Seas of Cheese as well as the Postgame Post Mortem at PocketDoppler.com



Richard Chang writes and edits posts about the Green Bay Packers, women, reality tv & movies you’ve never seen at dicksfavorite.com. He’s also the host of Dick’s Favorite Podcast, a weekly supplement to the various topics covered on his blog. Chang grew up in southern California and started following the Packers in the run up to their Superbowl years and Brett Favre’s three consecutive MVP awards. I know, I know, but LA didn’t have a team, and the Packers were the best team on Madden when he was a kid, so cut him some slack. It was eighteen years ago! His Packer fandom is old enough to fight in a war.  When he isn’t romancing his girlfriend, or picking up puppy poo, he spends his time fixing fantasy football games in the (internet famous?) #DCGB fantasy football league & tweeting topical jokes that only Colleen seems to appreciate.

You can reach Colleen, Kelly and Richard at outofthepocket@gmail.com

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  1. Good Lord. I read your piece entitled “Packer nation shares injured Rodgers pain”.
    “He was just a young man named Aaron. And he hurt” Seriously? What’s wrong with you? That’s the biggest bunch of sappy crap I’ve ever read. How embarrassing.

  2. Yes, Jerry Kramer needs to be in the haul of fame. Best guard to ever play in the NFL

    Phil Marshall
    University of Idaho 1968

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