Successful Draft Can Make the Tumultuous Offseason Go Away

As is an element with any professional sports team, offseason drama and issues are common fodder. The NFL, however, seems to be running rampant with it, and while that gives fans the opportunity to make bags of popcorn to follow along, it does not help the sport’s image. For the Green Bay Packers, their bombshell […]


Packers Bites of Cheese: A Guarantee, a Ripping and Truth

Another NFL season in the books. Another ring for Tom Brady and the Patriots. Okay, enough. The Green Bay Packers are creating their blueprint to Miami by finalizing their coaching hires including hiring the nephew of a Bears great, a rising star calls his shot and some former players missed the mark in their criticism. […]


Packers need an upgrade at tight end

Is the third time the charm for finding the right tight end in free agency? There is no question that the Packers have lacked a quality receiving TE since Jermichael Finley’s departure following a career-ending neck injury in 2013. Since then they have lacked a true Joker style tight end that excel more as beefed […]

Packers in Need of Playmaking Tight End

For all the talk about which wide receiver the Green Bay Packers should keep between Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson, what has been lost among some fans is how poor the tight end play has been the past 21 years. In 1996, Keith Jackson and Mark Chmura were a tremendous tight end duo. Despite Chmura […]


Tuesday Recap: A Show of Force

I wrote Friday that it wasn’t out of the question that we would see a “good old ass-kicking” on Sunday.  Let me tell you what an ass kicking is exactly what was handed in on Sunday.  I was there, it was what happened.  The Green and Gold dominated both sides of the ball after a […]



The Packers are in a very similar position as they were at this time a season ago.  They are 0-1 coming off of a loss to the San Francisco 49ers.  There is some crazy statistic about teams that start 0-2 only making the playoffs 12% of the time, which would make this game, like last […]


Green Bay Packers 2013 Fantasy Football Primer

This weekend  was the big fantasy football draft weekend for this writer.  My league from back home, my league of friends from the town I went to college in and my work league drafted on Friday, Saturday and Monday.  This last weekend of preseason games is a huge draft weekend nationally as well.  One of the […]