Packers: Another West Coast Failure!

Many years ago my parents taught me, if you can’t say anything nice about someone, then don’t say anything at all. Well, I’ve been thinking since Sunday night how to write today’s article without sounding totally negative. I think I will use the words of coach Matt LaFleur, “out-coached, out-schemed, out-played and unacceptable.” I couldn’t […]


Ol' Bag Of Donuts: Getting The Train Back On The Tracks

Still reeling from the Giants’ thumping of the Packers? Well, so are the Packers, and so are Adam and Chris, who will dissect and analyze (and maybe even rant a little) about the Packers state of the season and what can be done to get the train back on the tracks. ———————– Chris Lempesis and […]

Packers Stock Report 11-28-12: Post-Giants Game Podcast

Join the writers at for a quick assessment of the Packers after the disappointing loss to the Giants (otherwise known as the “Let’s pretend that never happened” game). Who’s stock is rising or falling? Who is a buy, sell or hold? Did anyone go “Splat?” What is the short term or long term outlook? Your hosts will cover […]