To borrow one of Mike McCarthy’s quotes from the Summer of 08, Packers President is in a tough spot.

He currently holds the distinction of being in charge of the team during the most tumultuous off season in Packers’ history. The divorce between Brett Favre, arguably the most popular player in team history, and the Packers divided fans then, and continues to do so.

The decision to part ways with Favre was in hindsight the correct move for the team. Aaron Rodgers has proven to be equal if not better as a signal caller. A Lombardi Trophy and an MVP trophy are among the hardware Rodgers has already acquired, with many years still to come to add to his already impressive resume.

Regardless of the success the team has on the field, Murphy is still haunted by the spectre of Favre, and his absence from the Packers family. Which is why number 4 is a fairly consistent topic of conversation from Murphy.

Murphy has said for several years the Packers intend to retire Favre’s jersey at some point, even if Favre has said he doesn’t need to have his jersey retired.

He has mentioned the possibility of Favre joining the Packers Tailgate Tour someday.

Murphy has even flat out said “We want to have Favre back in the family.”

Comments like this from the Packers President may seem like sacrelige to some of the faithful, but it makes total sense. Because it is the right thing for the franchise.

It is a fact that the divorce between Favre and the Packers forever stained his relationship with some of the fans. His actions leading up to that day in August in 2008, as well as some of actions following the trade to the Jets, permanently soured the formerly shiny relationship Favre had with loyal Packer supporters.

But Favre is still the holder of countless all time Packer records, as well as a source of conversation for all time for fans. Because of the joy and heartache he brought during his playing career.

Making comments like the one Murphy has made about wanting Favre back are the type of decisions that Presidents are employed to make. The decisions which may not always be the most popular, but are the best for the organization.

Bringing Favre back into the fold will also bring Mark Murphy’s tenure in full circle. He was partially responsible for his departure, and needs to be the person responsible for bringing him back.

Failure to close this open wound will forever stain Murphy’s presidency. After the trauma the Favre/Packers divorce caused, he needs to stop the bleeding once and for all.

Now all Murphy needs to do is stop talking about doing something regarding Favre, and actually do something about it.

Until he does that, all this talk is just replacing band aids on the open sore.

Meeting with Favre and having some honest conversations about the future between the two sides is the only way to start to suture the wound, and hopefully start the healing permanently once and for all.

Why should Mark Murphy be the one responsible for this? Because it’s what Presidents do. It’s what leaders do.

John Rehor is a writer at and co-host of Cheesehead Radio. To contact John follow him on Twitter @jrehor or email