Cheesehead Radio: Starks Reality with Packers DL Mike Daniels

The #Packers returned to Lambeau Field and quickly erased the bad taste left in our mouths after the narrow defeat in Week 1. With record-setting performances on offense, Aaron Rodgers, James Starks, and the rest of the high-flying Pack face a stiffer defense in Cincinnati. How will they fare? We’ll be talking LIVE to none […]

Share Game Predictions: Week 2 Redskins at Packers

Cory Jennerjohn (@CoryJennerjohn) The Redskins offense isn’t the same when Robert Griffin III cannot do what he wants as a scampering quarterback. If the Packers can get a decent lead, that takes away from Griffin’s ability to utilize his great play-action game as well. If Jermichael Finley can hold on to the ball, he will […]


Ol’ Bag of Donuts: The Return From The Ledge

Chris and Adam return from the ledge, well maybe Chris more than Adam, to bring you Ol’ Bag of Donuts Week Two podcast. This week, the guys put a bow on the latest Capers debacle and find some very promising performances that could bode well heading into Week Two. They also breakdown what their plan […]


Packerpedia: Glass Half Empty, Glass Half Full

The guys from Packerpedia get the regular season started by talking about the burgeoning rivalry between the Packers and 49ers, paying special attention to Jim Harbaugh’s verbal attack on Clay Matthews the day after the game. They also discuss what’s been getting into Mike McCarthy lately, before diving into a preview of the Week 2 […]


Brand New Season, Same Old Dom Capers

Déjà vu has descended upon the Green Bay Packers-and not in a good way. For the second time in eight months, and third time in the past calendar year, the Packers lost to the 49ers, leaving the Packers asking the question “What happened?” The answer to that question is simple. The answer is Dom Capers. Ever since the […]