Midweek Movie: Packers WR Jarrett “Boy Can He Catch” Boykin

For five seasons, the Green Bay Packers featured a quartet of wide receivers no other team in the NFL could boast.

Donald Driver, Jordy Nelson, James Jones, and Greg Jennings were part of an offensive assault which destroyed team records during their five seasons together.

Their 2011 season stands out as the best offensive season in team history, as each of them contributed to new records being set in points scored (560), receiving yards (5,161) receiving touchdowns (51) and total net yards (6,482). And it sure was fun to watch.

Things certainly have changed in the past eight months though.

Donald Driver announced his retirement, and Greg Jennings defected to Minnesota, thus breaking up the “Fab Four”. And although the continued development of Randall Cobb will offset the loss of Jennings and Driver, the Packers are still one WR short from where they were just two years ago.

This is where Jarrett Boykin comes into play.

The second year WR hopes to improve on his rookie season with an even stronger sophomore campaign, one which will see him become an even more integral part of the offense.

He certainly was integral during his time at Virginia Tech, graduating as the school’s all time leader in receptions and receiving yards.

And integral is what he hopes to be again, only this time wearing green and gold.

For this week’s midweek movie, we are pleased to offer you a double feature of Jarrett Boykin.

Up first is his NFL Draft Preview, showcasing his skills while at Virginia Tech:



And the second video is a great great touchdown catch against the Chiefs last preseason, showing off some of his skills (click the link to watch the video).

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