Surviving the Packers Bye Week Sunday

Bye Week Sunday.

For the Packers players, it is the end of an extended break from the daily grind of trying to become the next Super Bowl champion.

For the fans, it is the most awkward time of the schedule. With no Packers game on the horizon today, it is a Sunday of decisions.

Watch other football games on TV, or work on the to do list around the house you’ve put off until the end of the season?

Try and catch a few minutes of one of the games before taking a long nap, or head out with the family to soak in the changing leaves before going apple picking?

Most seasons the Bye Week has fallen much later in the schedule, eliminating most of the outdoor activities. However, the powers that be decided the Packers needed an early (and much needed) bye week, so the potential for finishing up the yard projects this year still exists.

Decisions, decisions…

We would like to help you get your Packers fix this Sunday by offering you a three pack of videos guaranteed to help you through this often boring Sunday.

First up is a video by Dale H Decker, a primer for the 2013 season:



Up next is highlights from Aaron Rodgers’ off the charts performance against Washington in Week 2, when he went 34/42 for a team record tying 480 yards and 4 TDs, by far one of the best games in his career:



And finally, Mike McCarthy’s latest venture into “acting” is presented for your viewing pleasure:



We hope this will help you get through this Bye Week Sunday. One positive about today-at the end of the day, the Packers’ record will still be the same.

Have a great Sunday!



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