Short yardage is Eddie Lacy’s wheelhouse

Packers running back Eddie Lacy ran for a career high 99 yards but wasn't a factor in two 3rd and ones.
Packers running back Eddie Lacy ran for a career high 99 yards but wasn’t a factor on two 3rd and ones.

The Packers were happy they got a bruiser in running back Eddie Lacy at such a high value late in the second round last spring.

The problem is, he’s not being used properly. Lacy is the guy you want to get the rock on short situations to keep the chains moving and more important, to keep the opposing defense on the field. And just when Aaron Rodgers notices defenders hunched over in the international symbol for exhaustion is when the Pro Bowl quarterback goes for the kill.

The Packers had a pair of 3rd-and-ones against Detroit on Sunday but never gave it to Lacy at all. In the first, there was a shotgun formation, virtually eliminating any chance the Packers had of running it even if they wanted to. Lacy isn’t the type of quick back you want to give the ball to three or four yards behind the line of scrimmage

The second time the Packers faced 3rd-and-one, Lacy wasn’t even on the field. How in the world can you fake something when your best running back isn’t even on the field?

This is the time the Packers are going to need Lacy build his confidence in order to turn into the Green Bay Steamroller when winter befalls us. Nobody on the defensive side of the ball wants to tackle the 5-foot-11, 230-pounder when the weather is a balmy 64°.

Just think when it starts to snow and every tackle turns into a shoulder or arm tingle and defenders start to second-guess tackling someone so big.

Don’t get me wrong, the Packers have arguably the best pieces in the game as far as the passing game is concerned. But it’s the running game that will win three of four cold weather December games.


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