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When the most dynamic player on the Browns is tight Jordan Cameron, Cleveland is at a severe disadvantage. The Brownies have been good causing turnovers with five picks and four fumbles, but they also turn the ball over with nine giveaways as well. It’s not all rosy for the Packers as Mike McCarthy may not be able to dress the gameday maximum of 46 active players because of injuries of biblical proportions. Aaron Rodgers and Co. will wear this young defense down, but the Packers offense will chug at home.

Packers 23 Browns 10


Jacob Westendorf (@jacobwestendorf)

Early in the season I would have predicted this game to be a double digit, easy Packers win. With the improvement shown by the Browns and the ridiculous injury situation the Packers are facing I have changed my tune. Jordan Cameron should be able to exploit some matchup issues, as the Packers consistently struggle with dynamic tight ends. The defense has played better since the opening game, however, and will continue to do so at home. It is certainly possible for the Browns to win this game, but I cannot see Brandon Weeden coming into Lambeau Field and beating the Packers. Therefore I think the Packers win a low scoring, defensive battle, decided by a late Eddie Lacy touchdown run.

Packers 20 Browns 13


John Rehor (@jrehor)

If the Packers were healthy on offense, they might be able to put up 30+ on a good Browns defense. Unfortunately, they are not, so scoring 20 may be a struggle. Expect the passing game to slow down tremendously with the absence of Randall Cobb and having at best a banged up James Jones. A heavy dose of Eddie Lacy and his power running will be the mode of moving the ball. On defense, not having Nick Perry and potentially Mike Neal could pose a few problems if the Packers were facing an average offensive team. But the Browns just aren’t any good on offense, and they won’t be able to take advantage of missing both starting OLBs. There won’t be many points scored, but the Packers will score enough to record their third straight victory.

Packers 24 Browns 9


Ross Uglem (@rossuglem)

 The Cleveland Browns just don’t have enough talent to compete with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.  Joe Haden, Phil Taylor, Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron are about all that one really needs to get excited about.  The Browns are going to be completely one dimensional on offense.  I really don’t think that a defense that has shut down Colin Kaepernick, Frank Gore, Alfred Morris, Reggie Bush and Ray Rice is going to have a whole lot of problems with Willis McGahee.  Offensively I think you’ll see “enough” out of the Packers.  I think Rodgers is sick of hearing about how poorly they’re playing and how they aren’t going to be able to move the ball with all these injuries, blah blah blah.  Sneaky gut call here, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Packers run Myles White on a vertical route and Rodgers hits him for a TD.  He’s the fastest WR on the team, completely unscouted, and I just think they run at least ONE vertical shot for him.

Packers 28 Browns 13


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