It has been a very difficult five weeks for the Green Bay Packers and their fans.

Currently in the midst of an 0-4-1 streak, the Packers have gone from potentially representing the NFC in Super Bowl 48 to potentially one of the worst teams in the NFL.

Nothing has worked well for them during this stretch.

The offense has ground to a halt since Aaron Rodgers was lost due to a broken collarbone. The Special Teams have been average at best. And the defense cannot stop anyone.

It has been a miserable couple of weeks in PackerNation.

Everyone is looking for someone to blame for what is happening to this team right now.

Is it Ted Thompson’s fault, because he has not added the right players to the team to win?

Maybe Mike McCarthy is to blame, for not having an effective offensive game plan designed to win without Rodgers.

It could be Dom Capers’ fault, for having the defense completely fall apart.

It very well could be a combination of the above factors.

Whatever the case is, let’s do something different today.

How about we all put down the torches and pitchforks for just one day, and take a trip back to happier times:







Much happier times indeed.


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