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I realize the Packers are 0-4-1 in their last five but if ever Green Bay needed help from the football gods, this is the perfect time. The Falcons bagged the season the moment Julio Jones went down. This is the classic “I Told You So” game for Ted Thompson. Thirty-year-old Steven Jackson was a target of the Packers in the offseason, but has been a shell of himself while battling injuries as he continues to get slower. Sound the alarm for Eddie Lacy — Atlanta is 30th in the league by allowing 126 rushing yards a game.

Packers 20 Falcons 16


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Falcons 27 Packers 10

The packers enter this game with slim playoff hopes, and a chance to extend their hopes into another week before Aaron Rodgers could be able to return. Unfortunately the Packers are just a bad football team right now. Unable to stop the run or pass, and cannot move the ball offensively. It’ll be another long frustrating day for the Lambeau faithful.


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The sad fact is that at this moment, the Green Bay Packers may well be one of if not the worst teams in the league. Over the past five weeks without Aaron Rodgers, their offense has gone completely stale. The defense has been pathetic during the same time frame, and pathetic is being kind. This team has shown little to inspire much hope that things will suddenly turn around. One positive thought I can offer: even the worst teams figure out ways to win occasionally, unless your name is the 2008 Detroit Lions. Maybe, hopefully, the Packers do just that in what is certain to be one incredibly sloppy game-partly because of the play on the field, partly due to the snow that is expected to fall during the game.

Packers 16 Falcons 13


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It is incredibly unlikely that the Packers season is going to continue in to the postseason if the Packers cannot get a win.  I am among the most optimistic writers that I read, but sometimes it’s just not your year.  I thought that in 2010 as well while player after player was going on to IR, but that team had Aaron Rodgers, this one does not.  It’s time to start looking towards the 2014 season.

Falcons 28 Packers 20


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