Aaron Rodgers injury can be an early Christmas present this year.
Aaron Rodgers’ injury can be an early Christmas present this year.

This is going to sound counterintuitive.

Heck, I had a hard time selling it to myself.

But, the 0-4-1 dry spell that the Packers suffered can actually be spun into a positive. True, those numbers won’t help seal home field advantage, grab national headlines or lead Super Bowl chatter.

However, those numbers are good at pointing out what you need to improve on.

Let’s remember that Aaron Rodgers makes a living out of covering up deficiencies on both sides of the ball. I mean Rodgers hasn’t played a full game since Oct. 27 but he is still 21st in the league with 15 touchdown passes.

With Rodgers, the Packers usually get out to an early lead. That allows the opposing team to become more one-dimensional which in turn gives the Packers’ defense a much simpler task.

Now those ugly stains have been revealed over the last few weeks. We know that the offensive line is as bad as advertised. We know that the defense cannot consistently stop the run and we know that the secondary has trouble winning one-on-one battles.

With that in mind general manager Ted Thompson and the rest of the personnel staff can turn those questions into answers in the offseason.

The product may be hard to swallow now, but just think of it as an early Christmas present.


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