Packers fans at this point would probably say that the 49ers are their biggest rival besides the Chicago Bears.  Unfortunately since the 2010 34-16 game (the Donald Driver incredible TD game) the Packers “rivalry” with the 9ers has resembled the type of rivalry that the Packers have with the Vikings. One sided.  The Packers were physically dominated both times they played the 49ers in 2012.  The Pack also fell just short in San Francisco in this season’s opener dropping the contest 34-28.

To get a win this time against the 49ers the Packers are going to have to play a near perfect game.  The defense, seemingly punchless without Clay Matthews, is going to need to stop the run as they did in week 1, but also not allow Colin Kaepernick to throw all over them.  The offense will need to run the ball effectively and possess the ball for longer than they did in the week 1 contest in the frigid conditions at Lambeau Field.

Why the Packers Will Win: With Aaron Rodgers at QB, the Packers are capable of beating anybody.  The home crowd and conditions could be a great equalizer.  Eddie Lacy is seemingly more healthy that he has been in weeks and is certainly a more effective runner than he was in week 1.  The Packers offense has every starter from week one except for Jermichael Finley.  Packers OLB Andy Mulumba is possibly emerging as the pass rusher the team needs until Clay Matthews can return.

Why the 49ers Will Win: The 49ers are a more complete team than the Green Bay Packers right now.  They can beat you running the ball and with good defense.  Colin Kaepernick showed in week 1 that if you make him beat you throwing the ball he is capable.  The weather, which some are considering to be an equalizer, actually works in the advantage of the 49ers, as they are more capable of moving the game to the ground and winning a slugfest.

Bottom Line: I want to pick the Packers.  I want to believe that they are going to win on Sunday.  In my heart as a fan I still believe in this Coach, team, and especially QB.  I just can’t see that the Packers are a better team right now than the teams that have lost to the 49ers in the past.  Without Matthews the Packers defense just doesn’t match up well and I just don’t see the offense being able to keep up in the conditions that will be present on Sunday.  49ers 34 Packers 27


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