“Once again, we’re not even 72 hours away from the game. Dom Capers is an OUTSTANDING FOOTBALL COACH…. “You guys did this to me last year. I’m not going into this thing looking to make big changes.”

These are the words Mike McCarthy used to defend his position on Dom Capers, his much maligned Defensive Coordinator, during his season ending press conference today.

For the third consecutive season since winning Super Bowl XLV, the Packers made an early exit from the playoffs, losing 23-20 to the 49ers.

And for the third consecutive season, McCarthy has been forced to defend keeping Capers as part of his coaching staff.

The reason for having to defend his position is simple: Capers’ defense has plummeted from being one of the best in the league when he arrived in 2009, to once again being one of the worst.

The stats unfortunately don’t lie:


Packers defense ranks under Capers

2009: 2nd (284 Yards Per Game)

2010: 5th (309 YPG)

2011: 32nd (411 YPG)

2012: 11th (337 YPG)

2013: 25th (372 YPG)


Packers scoring defense under Capers:

2009: 7th (18.6 Points Per Game)

2010: 2nd (15 PPG)

2011: 19th (22.4 PPG)

2012:11th (21 PPG)

2013:24th (26.8 PPG)


3rd down completion percentage under Capers:

2009: 36%

2010: 36%

2011: 43%

2012: 38%

2013: 38%


Statistically speaking, the stats would seem to support a change in defensive coordinator for the Packers.

Yet McCarthy was adamant in defending Capers during his press conference today, which has left many are asking why?

Whatever the reason is McCarthy continues to defend his stance on Capers, the unfortunate truth is under Dom Capers, the stats don’t lie.



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