Championship games highlighted Packers’ weakness

Richard Sherman may not be well-liked by everyone, but he is the best cover corner in the league.
Richard Sherman may not be well-liked by everyone, but he is the best cover corner in the league.

After watching both championship games from this past weekend, it’s evident what the Packers lack: a physical defensive backfield.

The Patriots pestered, bothered and downright annoyed the Broncos but obviously not enough for Peyton Manning to carve them up. And the 49ers and Seahawks did everything that was legal for a defender to do.

The Packers do not possess said defensive back that not only scares opposing wideouts, but also quarterbacks.

I was completely shocked when Colin Kaepernick threw in Richard Sherman’s direction with the game in the balance. He’s the best cover corner in the game and he proved it once again.

The Packers don’t have that luxury. They have to try and hide their glaring warts with either a scheme or coverage call that hopefully does the trick. (Most of the time this year, it did not).

Especially now in a passing league, a solid secondary should be the No. 2 priority on a team’s list right behind a franchise quarterback. A good defensive back can take a good receiver completely out of the game, get them a step out of rhythm with their quarterback which will ultimately help the defensive line and linebackers to make plays on the front end.

Until a solid person arises in the secondary, the Packers will continue to chase their collective tail as they hemorrhage yards rushing and passing.


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2 thoughts on “Championship games highlighted Packers’ weakness

  1. What we all saw in the playoff game against the 49ers was what three big D playmakers out with injury and crappy safety play will get you even when who’s left plays with immense heart. Ignoring who was actually able to play in that game either says “agenda” or ignorance about football.

  2. Absolutely. I would not be sad if we draft a DB in both rounds 1 and 2 this year. Of course we’d have to draft LB’s in rounds 3-7, but that’s cool with me as well.

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