Mark Murphy Needs to Stop Talking About Retiring Brett Favre’s Number-For Now

You know it is officially the off season when Green Bay Packers President Mark Murphy is talking about retiring Brett Favre’s number.

That is exactly what he did earlier this week during a telephone interview with the Green Bay Press Gazette earlier this week.

Murphy reiterated the team’s intention to have Favre’s number retired before he is eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2016. Retiring Favre’s number would also be the ceremonial return of Favre to the Packers family, following the ugly divorce between the two sides in the Summer of 2008.

Murphy was once again positive this reunion would happen soon. 

 “There’s been pretty open dialogue…I do anticipate that we will see that sooner rather than later. We’d like to be able to retire his number and have him go into our Hall of Fame prior to 2016.”

It is not a question of if but when this will happen. Yet there is one question that surrounds this gradual reconciliation between the two sides.

The question is why does Murphy keep discussing this?

For the past several years, Murphy has made it a habit of saying something to the effect of retiring Favre’s number is a priority for the franchise every few months. Super Bowl time or just following, during the Packers Tailgate Tour in the Spring, and prior to the season opener seem to be prime time for Murphy to discuss Favre coming back to Green Bay, almost like clockwork.

Whenever Murphy discusses Favre coming back to Green Bay, it sets off a flurry of speculation.

Will this be the year? Is Favre coming back? When will it happen? What game will his number be retired?

The speculation is expected because of the impact Favre had on the franchise. But continuing to discuss it in a cyclical manner is also unfair on Murphy’s part.

Most likely, Murphy is simply answering the question when asked about the timing. He may also be trying to remind everyone that this is going to happen. Not if, but when. By reminding everyone that this will happen, it will soften the blow of the inevitable for those who are still bitter toward Favre for playing for the divorce and later playing for the Vikings, and perhaps toward the Packers in their part of the break up.

Yet continuously discussing this with no action being announced is frustrating to those who look forward to this day happening, and frustrating to those who do not want Favre back in the family, but are constantly reminded of its inevitability.

Until there is more news to announce on this happening, Murphy would be wise to let his last comments stand as they are.

Everyone knows Favre is going to return to Green Bay at some point. Mark Murphy has made this very clear. Until there is a more definite plan as to how this will happen, he should not discuss it anymore. Let the speculation die off-there will be plenty to discuss when the inevitability becomes a reality.


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5 thoughts on “Mark Murphy Needs to Stop Talking About Retiring Brett Favre’s Number-For Now

  1. Yep. He just keeps fanning the flames of the discussion. And not once have a seen a discussion on Brett end well especially among Packer faithful. Best thing to do would be to not even mention it for like 5 years and let people heal. When Bart Starr got fired as head coach there was so much animosity towards him it was like his playing days had not happened. But now he is again Packer royalty to everyone. Of course Brett will never be the person Bart is. But time and silence will heal all wounds.

    1. We all have an opinion on this inevitable day-I for one am looking forward to seeing him back in the Packers family. But constantly talking about something that has no plans (at least none that have been announced)just toys with the emotions of everyone in my opinion. He needs to just alter his responses until there is progress, so the constant speculation can stop.

  2. In time it can be done. Ask the Shareholders and the fans of The Green Bay Packers in a State Paper. I’m sure an online signup or webpage to get true responses. In activities in public ask or have form so true responses can be heard.

    1. This is a really good idea. Would give the team an indication of the acceptance level if this were to happen. The only question is would they pay attention to the results?

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